So, working on just revenue share or CPA doesn’t suit your business model? Well, at Superfly Partners we are down to make you happy, so can also offer our partners a CPA plus revenue share hybrid in such circumstances. This way you get the best of both worlds. Our Affiliate managers are waiting for you […]


If you prefer to work on more of an instant reward model, then CPA will be for you. Depending on the value and volume of your traffic, we at Superfly Partners can be very flexible with our CPA deals. If you would like to discuss working on such a commission model, please get in touch […]

Revenue share

At Superfly Partners we are proud to offer our partners who are looking for long term relationships up to 50% revenue share. By default, upon signing up you will already be placed on 30%, but if you feel your traffic deserves more, a bespoke percentage can be arranged.It is worth noting that your revenue share […]