Are there real time statistics?

The views and clicks will be presented in real-time (maximum delay 5 minutes). Other data (NDC, NRC, Deposits, Net-revenue, your commission) will be updated every day at 06:00 CET for the day before

When and how do I get paid?

All payments for the previous month will be processed no later than on the 2nd business day of the next month!We offer the following payment methods for you: Neteller, Skrill, or Wire Transfer.

Do you offer a sub-affiliate program?

Yes. You can earn extra revenue each month by referring affiliates who will be linked to you as the parent account! We pay as much as 5% of NGR for each sub-affiliate you refer. Please contact your affiliate manager directly if you wish to refer sub-affiliates.

What happens if my monthly balance ends in the negative?

It’s possible that players you refer win overall for the month and your net revenue ends with a negative balance. If your net revenue is minus at the end of the month it does mean that you don’t earn any commission for that month.However, we do not carry over that negative balance! You will start […]

How much commission can I earn?

Superfly Partners offers one of the best commission structures online. You can earn up to 50% revenue share for life depending on how many depositing players you refer each month. We also offer Hybrid and CPA deals, these are negotiated on a case by case basis.