Yes, we have rebranded our affiliate program from Full Cream Affiliates to Superfly Partners.

To all our existing partners, you need not worry. From a technical point of view, nothing has changed. All your links and deals will keep on working.

If you are not already a partner with us, why not? Be a part of something new and exciting by becoming a partner with Superfly today.


Given the changes we have recently seen in team personnel and strategy, we thought it was time to move on from our dated and overly corporate name and image to something new, exciting, and fresh.

We believe that moving forward as Superfly Partners, puts us in the best position to unlock our full potential with our innovative brands and exciting market plans at the forefront. Furthermore, we truly believe Superfly Partners reflects our working style and approach to our affiliate partners.

New Features

We haven’t just rebranded, we have improved! Our partners can find more features on our new Superfly Partners site. Such as:

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